I was in the process of cleaning my Bodum ™ French press when I somehow smacked it on the kitchen sink, causing it to break. I’ll be forced to resort to tea for the rest of the day: a bad yet probably really healthy thing for me in particular. I’ll let you know how the crash goes. Meanwhile, I’ll be studying various forms of differential staining in microbiology (something that caffeine is absolutely imperative for).


Watch this NOW. Sure to be a stellar film.

Tokyo to Osaka Teaser from John Murillo on Vimeo.

It’s true. Just recently I’ve been taking on the habit of engaging in vast amounts of sleep (20 minute power naps, 6 hour midday sleep sessions), and it all started with the downpour of water that San Luis Obispo has seen in the last week or two. Last Friday for example, the combination of rain and an organic chemistry exam disaster persuaded to make a choice: either I would go home and begin drinking in an attempt to be conscious, yet not totally aware of my failure, or I could go home and sleep (the only alternative in my opinion). Since I’m not an alcoholic and tend to drink only on special occasions (or by myself from time to time), I chose to come home and sleep. I did so for a period of six hours.

This summer, with the weather being as perfect in San Luis as it always is, led me to a state of insomnia. There were periods of time when slept with only half of my body on a couch for a duration of three hours and yet I never felt the need to get a full six to eight hours of sleep. I wouldn’t call what I have “Seasonal Affective Disorder” or something like that… But I definitely become a different person depending on the time of year, flowing in and out of mania and mild cases of dysthymia.

Not much else is new on my front. Comrade Alex Davis has informed me that The Road will finally be playing at our own Palm theater this Friday finally. I guess I’ve got a man date in store for the weekend.

I leave you with this… An artifact of the past. The Swan Thief has been on a hiatus of sorts but is returning.

holy lameness

is this happening right now? i come home expecting a mellow fucking night and all is well until my roommate gets home and starts blasting some stupid ass world-music-jam-band cacophony. lame. thankfully i’m out of here next month.


Brain Parasite Drives Human Culture

I’m moving. Just found out I got the place. Stoked.


I dunno whether a lot has happened the last few days, or maybe I’ve just been thinking about it more than usual. It’s probably the latter; now that I think about what I’m going to post here, not a lot has really happened… But it’s given me some ideas for some reason. 

I spent most of the weekend attempting to study, you know, plastoquinone and ATP Synthase (just to name a few). It was basically impossible to do it at my house, my room being filled with countless distractions: books (I can’t think about Nietzche or Vonnegut this far into the quarter), guitars (too many, and ones that sound good too), cats (preferably Tiggs but Miguel can get the job done once in a while), and lastly the “Art of Doing Nothing” as my comical, lanky fiend of an Uncle Steven loves to phrase it. So the short of it: I had to get the hell out of that trap if I wanted to get anything done at all that weekend. 
I made my way to my former place of work, Joebella Coffee, and got it on with an 8 ounce triple soy latte. Yeah, I’m a douche… I drink soy milk in lattes… But let me explain: I’ve been so goddamn lactose intolerant since I was a wee bastard that you really don’t want to know me if I get a good dose of this 12 carbon sugar. For some reason (for all you scientists out there) I don’t really make β-D-galactosidase (enzyme that cleaves lactose into more digestible components) very efficiently, so I have trouble with that. I’ll just go ahead and blame it on my parents for no apparent reason. I guess something like 90% of Thailand has lactose intolerance because of the extremely low-milk diet most of the infants receive. Anyway, that’s my reason for being a douche bag and getting soy milk. 
I had my way with cellular respiration for about four hours and by that point it was time for the place to close. Having nowhere else to go, and hating Paso Robles enough already, I made the trek down to San Luis that I’m far too used to these days. What I didn’t think about was that it was a Saturday night… San Luis is kind of distracting and ridiculous on a Saturday. For the sake of keeping some of my detailed thoughts away from the public eye, I’m going to be extremely vague in this next part. So, I went by one coffee shop (shall not be named for the sake of events in the other one) and it was ridiculously crowded so I made my way to the other. This one didn’t seem as crowded, however it was extremely distracting the entire time due to one attractive female working at the place and another drinking coffee at the place. Yeah, it’s not that big of a deal but I don’t want to be an asshole.
The rest of the night was filled with a reunion of old Joebella coworkers and partaking in a viewing of Kill Bill. And tasty muffins. I hit the sack pretty early that night because I had a dick-load of homework to do the next day because of all those distractions.
Sunday was a pretty decent day. It wasn’t a normal Sunday; for I was given the gift of taking the next day off due to a combination of Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthday. Thanks men; I hope you were both as cool as everyone tells me. Of course I didn’t want to do my homework at my house so you know, I did pretty much the same thing… Except I hit up the library thinking they would be open until 2 a.m. like they usually are on Sunday’s. 
Whilst in the depth of the electron transport chain, a small gnome-like man (he probably wasn’t that gnome-y, I’m just exaggerating) appeared and informed me they would be closing in five minutes. It was 4:55 and I had only been there for less than two hours. Fuck. Hit up the same place as the night before; hit up Brett, Matt, and Brandon; took part in the usual debauchery and inappropriate conversations to have in public; ran three blocks on Higuera chasing after Brandon; acted like I was throwing up profusely after Brandon and I stopped and severely scared some girl; hit up Tio’s; went home; slept. 
Monday… I don’t remember Monday… Except that I pretty much didn’t do any of the studying I should have… 
Tuesday. Well, for some reason I only slept four hours the night before so I felt like garbage all day. Drank too much coffee. More electron transport chain and preparation for lab at eight in the morning at the Robert Kennedy Library. Oh yeah, I was severely pissed off at Boo Boo Records for not having the new Appleseed Cast album and I’m still pissed because I went back today and still no dice. There were these girls wearing the same color and style of leather jacket as me and I felt like an idiot. They seemed annoying and lame. What else? Oh yeah, lately I’ve been parking in the same parking garage on Palm like every day when I go downtown (the newer garage) and I always end up leaving before the hour has passed so I never have to pay a CENT. I’m stoked with this but at the same time, for some reason I feel like I”m being a dick to the guy who’s working there. I know it’s ridiculous of me to think like this but…